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We decided to create this project because this student residence clearly needs to be refreshed. The facilities’ structure in itself is in a good state but from the outside it looks abandoned. This community based school residence does not receive enough funding to invest in superficial renovations such as painting and building green spaces, even though it would radically change the atmosphere for its residents. Our agreement is the following: with their subsidies they buy the materials and we provide the volunteers to spare them the cost of working labour.

Apart from every activity related to the renovation and the brightening-up of the residence, the volunteers will have the opportunity to get in touch with locals and involve themselves in other activities related with Moroccan habits and way of life.

The general organization and responsibility of the work camp falls upon a camp leader who can also propose an outings program to the participants for their spare-times, such as visits of places of interest in the surrounding area, artistic or physic activities, etc. Of course the volunteers are free to do what they wish with their free time and suggest any other activity to the group.

Type of work

• Five days of work per week and two days off, not necessarily on week ends (depends on the work schedule.)

• 4 hours of work per day in the morning or in the afternoon.

• Paint the residence for basic maintenance (though we encourage volunteers to express their creativity and bring life into it.) The camp leaders will make a program to paint frescoes but the volunteers can also propose ideas.

• Clean the residence.

•“Green activities”: Help creating green spaces, planting trees or shrubbery for example.

• Cook in teams with other volunteers, both national and international.


The volunteers will live in the residence. Our agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sport allows us to use the rooms for the volunteers to stay there. The place will be set up with mats and blankets although we highly recommended volunteers to bring their sleeping bags just in case.

Important highlights:  Toilets in Morocco are usually Turkish bath style. We prefer to warn you because we learned from previous volunteer experiences.

There won’t be a normal shower in the youth center, only a hose they can use to clean themselves. Nevertheless, Marrakech can reach up to 45 degrees in summer so the water comes out warm anyway.

International volunteers can also ask the national ones to show them the Hammam (public baths). Actually, you should try it once at least; it is indeed a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and has many virtues for the skin.

Camp advert 

The aim of this project is to contribute to the improvement of a residence for disadvantaged students.


Darija (Moroccan arabic) is the native language.


• No previous working experience required although pedagogical skills would give extra quality to the project.

• Enthusiastic, positive and respectful people needed.

• Willingness to develop ties with other nationalities and learn new things; we encourage everyone to follow the pace they feel comfortable with. 


Primary School  Marrakech.

Transport hub

Marrakech train station is the ideal meeting point.

Marrakesh airport has a lot of flight connections from all over the world. Otherwise, you can fly from any other city and take a train. You can check the train timetables on the ONCF website:

From the Airport to the train station, you can take a bus or a taxi. Please remember you can only pay in dirhams, the local currency so don’t forget to change money inside the airport.

There is a special airport bus (number 19) that departs right from the exit of the airport.

As for the taxis, they are a good option but you would have to deal the price beforehand. The normal price is 100 Dirhams.

Once you have your flights details please pass them by e-mail to your interlocutor so you can arrange with him or her the meeting point.

The info sheet will be send to you by e-mail 3 weeks prior departure.