WHV Monasteries on the Slopes of Popocatepetl

Yecapixtla, Totolapan (Morelos) and Calpan (Puebla)-
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PROJECT: Over the last ten years, the World Heritage Volunteers initiative (WHV) has grown enormously due to the growing interest and appreciation for the protection and preservation of World Heritage sites. AMVIAC has implemented actions in various of the ex convents for the past five years striving to sensibilise the local populations in the places where the sites are implanted. This year, in collaboration with the INAH-Morelos, normative manager of this world heritage site, and with the support of local stakeholders, the association will intervene in the Totolapan, Calpan and Yecapixtla ex convents, located both in the Morelos and Puebla states. The integration of the international volunteers in the works that are being conducted for more than two years would help in advance the recovering projects aiming also at attracting more tourism to the region, having the sites ready for the use by the inhabitants, assess the tangible and intangible local heritage, among others. National and international volunteers would carry out awareness-raising activities about the importance of preserving the local cultural heritage, supporting the preservation of parts of the sixteenth-century former convents on the slopes of Popocatépetl. In this itinerant project, volunteers will spend 1 week in each of the communities performing tasks that allow them to meet the objectives of the program.

ACTIVITIES: Following last year’s project, the volunteers will carry out actions that support the work done in the monasteries in order to repair the damages caused by a very strong earthquake that stroked the region in 2017 with 80% of the convents being damaged. The volunteers will do case studies and will intervene the buildings with people specialized in restoration. They will also learn some of the restauration techniques. To provide a better management and promote World Heritage sites, they will have the opportunity to make a presentation about their country’s heritage for local children and young people and will make a survey for the site management authorities by interviewing tourists and members of the community who visit the site. The itinerancy allows participants to discover the history, the culture and the traditions of each of the places.

PLACE: Yecapixtla, Totolapan in Morelos, and Calpan in Puebla, Mexico.

TERMINAL: Cuautla OCC Bus Station

LANGUAGE: Spanish and English, any knowledge of Spanish language will be useful.

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation will be in different places depending of each village.

PARTICIPATION FEE: $3,800 pesos (175 euros) for the whole project. Should you participate only partially, the fee will be according to the period you choose. It includes basic accommodation, food and administrative costs.