Cuautla Aqueduct – 2

Cuautla, Morelos
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PROJECT: After a successful partnership in 2019, REMPART and AMVIAC collaborate again this year in the rescue of an old aqueduct situated in the village of El Hospital, Mexico. The haciendas had the objective of processing the cane and converting it into various products such as sugar, alcohol, etc. The hacienda de la Concepción is located in Cuautla, Morelos and its origins go back to the end of the 16th century. The hacienda was an important sugar producer. It is estimated that in 1625 the aqueduct was built, in order to power a hydraulic wheel for the mill use for the production of sugar. At the end of the 19th century, with the incursion of the railroad the hacienda was modernized and in 1909 reached its maximum production of sugar and honey. The beginning of the revolutionary movement of 1910 lead to the ruin and destruction of most of the haciendas in the region. At the end of the Revolution, the lands of the hacienda were divided among the ejidos. This ends the use for which the hacienda and its aqueduct was designated, and with it the production of sugarcane.

ACTIVITIES: An international workcamp will be carried out for the second consecutive year with the participation of national and international volunteers from France and Mexico who will be guided by professionals in the restoration area. The volunteers will conduct manual cleaning of the aqueduct, removal of joints in poor condition and return of these, consolidation of part of the aqueduct by filling the joints of the walls in bad condition. They will use lime to prepare the mortar with cactus additive (mucilage) that will be used for filling the joints. They will also work the stone in some parts of the aqueduct under the direction of a professional stonemason. Volunteers will start constructing the wood formworks for the reconstruction of one of the arcs. They will conduct awareness-raising activities for the local population on the importance of protecting their cultural heritage.

ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will be staying in a house with all services available or at the ex-hacienda of La Concepción.

LOCATION: Cuautla is a town located at 100 km from Mexico City. It is a historical city who was the scenery of important passages from the Mexican Independence and the Revolution.

PARTICIPATION FEE: 3,000 pesos (145 euros); includes meals and lodging within the community, local transportation and administrative costs.