Ek Balam, Yucatan
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PROJECT: Ek Balam is a Yucatec Mayan name that translates to “the black jaguar” or “bright star jaguar.”  The Mayan community is located near the colonial city of Valladolid in Yucatan, Mexico. The project was born from the challenge community was facing in the late ‘90s. Young people started to leave the village in order to pursue careers in developed coastal destinations, abandoning their lands. This reality affected many communities in the region including Ek Balam. In order to create job opportunities opportunity for additional economic activity, a cooperative was created developing as well the touristic area.

We attend to the environment, social and education challenges of our community with the help of volunteers who spend their time with us, through the work and skills. The workcamps are realized during the holiday season since 1994. During the workcamp, the participants will work with the community and together will develop activities focusing on environmental conservation, education and social, urban and community development.

ACTIVITIES. The success of the workcamp depends on the work of the volunteers. So, they will be involved in activities such as:

  • Urban improvements, the volunteer will get involved in activities like cleaning, painting the important points of the community.
  • Unajil Museum. We contribute to the renovation of the museum and re-open of the Mayan Exhibition.
  • Environmental Education. We promote the values and attitudes which contribute to the conservation and promote environmental education in the community.
  • Bird watching. We organize a journey to observe and make a registration to the bird of the region.
  • Intercultural exchange. We organize cultural and artistic activities with the community.
  • Free time: During the afternoons and weekend we can visit the Cenote X’Canché and the Mayan Pyramids Ek Balam.

Location: Ek Balam Community, Yucatán.

Closest station: Merida City, Yucatán.

Accommodation:  Inside the project. Basic conditions. Bring your sleeping bag

Participation Fee: 3200 include food, accommodation, support to the project, local coordinator, administrative support