San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
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Project: Our history began in 2008 when we decided to focus on the care of adults with disabilities. Start your support with a population of 10 young adults with different abilities, currently benefiting 23 people. Its objective is to provide experiential workshops and occupational therapy, as well as workshops on literacy, art education, physical education, fine motor skills workshops, singing and music, basic mathematics, environmental education, as well as visual, auditory, kinesthetic and social activities. In the same way, psychological support, talks, and workshops are given to parents who have children with different abilities. One of our main objectives is the inclusion of children in the workplace, so we work in the area of gardens, greenhouse, social cafeteria, and bakery.

Activities: During this workcamp we will celebrate the Independence Day, promoting it inside the centre. During these days, you can experience this important Mexican celebration. Also volunteers will support in specific areas such as the Vegetable garden doing some maintenance of the garden and the greenhouse in order to offering young people and children a space to learn and work for a few hours a day planting beds, weeding, cleaning, elaboration of biofertilizers, elaboration of vermicompost among other tasks. Social cafeteria: It is a space that aims at promoting the insertion of young people with disabilities in the workplace, so the cafeteria tries to be the first step towards independence, through this activity it also sensitizes society about this target group. They will also support in the diffusion and organization of activities with cultural content or others that generate some benefit of fundraising or social awareness. Administrative support: during the two weeks volunteers will support in the management of social networks, promotion of our activities, promotion of our social cafeteria, website update, documenting the activities, make informative notes for digital media and to update the web page. Volunteers can also join activities focused on the development of crafts, which we sell to raise funds, theater, dance and physical conditioning with children.

LOCATION: San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

ACCOMMODATION: Shared rooms in the volunteer house

PARTICIPATION FEE: $3,500 pesos (160 euros) to be paid upon arrival. Includes accommodation, meals and operating costs.