Camp Nuan – Give Greenlandic Children a Great Summer

Nanortalik, Greenland
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Association for Greenlandic Children wants Camp Nuan to give the children of Nanortalik the best summer ever. The activities will take place five days a week 12.00-17.00, and will fall into these categories: - Music - Dance - Singing - Games - Sports - Excursions The volunteers will decide which activities to offer during the camp. We will invite the entire population to a social event every saturday. This could be a night of music and dancing, teaching each other to play an instrument, cooking food from your home country, movie night etc.
Sleeping facilities: The Association for Greenlandic Children ensures that you will get a place to stay. We expect you to stay in a shared-bedroom with another volunteer of the same sex. Telephone coverage might be scarcely, and you might not be able to use the internet more than once a week for a very short time. Kitchen + bathroom facilities: All food will have to be transported by ship. Therefor you should be able to adapt to these local conditions or bring a small stock of goods yourself. It can be difficult to be vegetarian or vegan, since many meals in Greenland is based on meat and fish. Therefore you will have to bring some stuff yourself, if you need a special diet. We will make cooking and cleaning teams. The group is responsible for shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. which is also going to take up some of your time every day. So you should expect long days.
The nature in Greenland is in general amazing. In Nanortalik the area is lush and Green, and the weather should be sunny and nice. You can hike, go boat riding etc. in your leisure time. Hiking in the fells and the nearby glaciers is amazing and a unique experience. You can decide to organize a weekly leisure activity going hiking, fishing etc. on Sundays, which is your weekly day off. Hopefully the gym will be accessible to us around the clock. It will also be possible to play football or other sports with the community.
You also need to send a copy of your travel insurance. A motivational letter and a copy of your clean criminal record is required. In the motivational letter, please bear in mind that we value creative skills a lot on this camp. You are asked to answer as specific as possible to following questions: 1. What are your creative skills? 2. What kind of sport activities can you be a part of/lead? 4. What can you offer to the children? 5. How can you contribute to the volunteer team?
IMPORTANT! Volunteers will travel as a group from Copenhagen to Greenland. You only buy ticket from your homeland to Copenhagen and back. Tickets from Copenhagen to Nanortalik will be provided by FGB, but therefore you pay travel costs which will be subsidized in accordance to your home country. Travel costs: 600 EUR for people from non-European countries 870 EUR for people from European countries 1150 EUR for people from Scandinavian countries You will not be allowed to take photos of the children and families during the activities. You are free to take pictures in your spare time, walking in the streets, hiking etc. You can also get copies of our photographer’s photos from the activities. We do not allow the use of substances (alcohol etc.) the entire stay in Nanotalik. English, as a conversational level is necessary. You will be working with kids six hours a day, so you should find joy in spending time with children and know how to be patient with them. Most of the children do not understand English so you should be open to other ways of communicating.