Christmas in Palestine: priceless experience

Hebron and Bethlehem
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The project seeks to bring young people from various cultures together to build cultural bridges of understanding, reconciliation and global peace. The long-term goal of project is to prepare youth to make positive contributions to society through the values of understanding, helping, contributing IPYL082 “Christmas in Palestine: Priceless Experience” Renovation and Christmas celebration.
tolerance, and respectful global coexistence building on common grounds of cultural proximities and differences. These goals are achieved through education, informational, awareness raising, youth empowerment and work camps.

Project Description:
The volunteers will work in different areas in Bethlehem city and surrounding areas. The work will include; painting, renovation, restoration, gardening, tree planting etc.

Food and Accommodation: The volunteers will be hosted at the IPYL volunteers flat in Hebron (20 KM south city of Bethlehem) men and women will stay in separate rooms. The accommodation includes hot water, kitchen and hangout space. The place has fast internet connection including computers and presentations equipment (the media center of IPYL is beside the flat). The volunteers will cook breakfasts and dinners by themselves (daily cooking teams to be established). Lunch will be served during the work time. Tea and coffee will be available all the time at the form and the hangout space.
There might be curfew for the work camp, which would be around midnight, unless we have some activities around outside that night/evening.
The camp is alcohol and drugs free, volunteers can’t drink alcohol during the camp duration. The camp leaders will designate some local bars (in Bethlehem only) where volunteers can drink.

Cultural, social and educational activities: As mentioned above, the afternoon will be dedicated to educational and cultural activities that will expose volunteers to Palestinian culture and history, and that will help volunteers to understand the reality of life under occupation. The program will include lectures, display of documentaries, visits to refugee camps in the Bethlehem area and tours of other places of interest. The program will provide many opportunities for interaction with locals. Volunteers will have the opportunity to speak with Palestinian activists and to ask whatever questions they have about the situation in PalestineA detailed program will be sent to the participants before their arrival.