Interacting with kids at disabled center and Fisher Village

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The mission of Phuc Tue Centre is to help disabled childrens become more independent in
their everyday life by building their self-confidence.
At the centre we aim to help educate and recover mental health, as well as provide development and
vocational skill training to help integrate these individuals into the employment community. This
not only allows these individuals to feel independent in their everyday life but this will also
diminish the potential burden on the family and society
Currently, the centre has 60 disabled childrens with ailments including Down’s Syndrome,
Cerebral Palsy, Autism, children who have been victims of Agent Orange, as well as other mental
illnesses. The Centre has applied the specific education measures which ae suited for each
individual and has used psychotherapy methods in attempts to rehabilitate the mentally.
The Fisher village is a place that consists of more than 40 families live in temporary ragged boats on
Red river (half of them live on the bank of the river called “Fisher Village” while the other half live in
the island of the river named “Fisher Island”). All of them are extremely poor, have no job in their
hometowns. They come to Hanoi to get a job for earning more money for their life, families and
children. However, in fact that in city everything is expensive and it is not easy to have a job which
gives them enough money to have normal life. So, they have to accept hard and bad jobs to have money 

enough to survive. Some of them collect rubbish on the street, dumping ground, be carrier
in Long Bien market, etc. They do not have enough money to rent a flat or house on the land
in city, so they have to live on boats on the Red River between rubbish. (So, they are actually not
fishermen, we call Fisher village just because they are living on the river!). Their children, all of whom
were badly malnourished and illiterate (but they can go to the schools since several years ago
thanks to the great support from SJV and some international volunteers to get their birth certificate
and ID!), have to sell collected fruits, vegetable, lottery results or catch shrimp overnight. See more
about the village on our website:


Volunteers will interact with the disabled children
who are suffering from suffering from cerebralpalsy,
blindness or Down's syndrome, Agent
Orange, help the nurses feed the children eating
and some heavy work. Volunteer also help for
renovate the disabled center, some boats at the
fisher village and gardening.



Nearest International Airport:

Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)

Accommodation and food:

Volunteers will stay at the dormitory at SJ Vietnam
volunteer house with basic conditions. Breakfast
and dinner will be provided at accommodation,
only lunch at local restaurant near project site.


Public bus


For this workcamp, volunteer will work at 2 sites,
Phuc Tue disabled center and Fisher Village
Sleeping bag, prove-water clothes, raincoat, info
materials and pictures of your country, toys and
activities materials for the children if you have.